Marijuana reference library

Cannabis is a novel industry and, currently, no recognized standard methods
exist for the testing of cannabis or cannabis products. The purpose of this document is to
provide guidance to testing facilities on the selection of applicable methodology
pertaining to the testing of retail and medical marijuana/marijuana products.
The methods outlined in this library are applicable by comparative use in areas similar to the
testing of cannabis product; it should not, however, be construed that these
methods are necessarily fit-for-purpose in all aspects of cannabis testing.
The references outlined in this document lack complete validation or matrix extension
specific to cannabis products and thus, require in house laboratory validation prior to implementation.
Any selected methods must be shown as fit-for-purpose through in-
house validation. The potency methods referenced for the analysis of marijuana/marijuana products
are not derived from applicable standard methods as
no proper standard method is available. Any method employed that was not derived from a standard
method must be rigorously tested and validated prior to analysis of
cannabis and cannabis product.

Note: The sources listed in this document are not exhaustive; other methodologies may
be appropriate for use. Due to the constant evolution of scientific analytical
methods, this reference library represents a living document that will be updated as needed.
Marijuana testing facilities are encouraged to consult with the CDPHE
certification program 
during selection and implementation of testing methodologies.