Manufactured food registration

We are processing renewal registrations now. Thank you for your patience. Your registration to operate will be mailed to you as soon as possible.
We license and inspect food manufacturers, warehouses, re-packers, shellfish dealers, salvage operations, grain storage and industrial hemp facilities throughout the state.
If you're planning to produce seafood (including shellfish), juice, acidified or low acid canned foods, dietary supplements, or bottled water, review the Manufactured Food specialized processes page to determine additional requirements BEFORE registration.
We do not register operations that are producing marijuana infused products. Instead, you need to contact the Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division.
1. Review the guidance document below to ensure you meet the criteria of a Manufactured Food operator. 
2. Complete the Application for registration and submit any additional required information.
Application for registration
Do not use this application for renewals. All businesses must complete page one. If your business makes or uses acidifed foods, any industrial hemp-based products, juice/juice ingredients or seafood you must also complete page two of the application and submit the appropriate supporting documentation.
In addition to the forms above, you may need to include one or all of the following, depending on your business type and what you're making: 
  • Affidavit of Residency (required only if you're a sole proprietor or individual owner).
  • Commissary Agreement (only required if you're working out of a shared kitchen or commissary).
  • Seafood HACCP plan and proof of a Seafood HACCP certified employee or contractor (only required for seafood or shellfish manufacturers, re-packers or warehouses).
  • Juice HACCP plan prepared by a Juice HACCP certified employee or contractor (only required if you're manufacturing or re-packing juice sold as such or used as an ingredient in beverages.
  • Scheduled process, process authority letter, and proof of completion of acidified or better process control school (only required for acidified or low-acid canned food manufacturers).
​3. Submit application with necessary fees and any additional documentation to:
Division of Environmental Health & Sustainability
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, DEHS A2
Denver, CO 80246
4. You will receive a registration certificate when your application is approved.