Mandatory regulatory training (MRT) courses

Water MRT course (for Water Treatment and Distribution certificates)
  •  This course is currently available at no charge from the Indigo Water Group webpage.
    • ​  Scroll to the bottom of the main page and either
      • ​create a new training account and log in OR
      • log in to an existing training account .
    •    Click on the "To Do" button on the left side of the screen.
    •    Look for the bright red icon that syas "Colorado Regulatory Courses."
    •    Hover the cursor over the icon and then click "Go To." 
    •    Click on the "Launch Course" button.
  •   A direct link to the course will be available on this page soon.
Wastewater MRT Course (for Wastewater Treatment, Industrial WW Treatment and Collection certificates)
  •    A direct link to this free course will be available here by the end of February, but likely sooner.
  •    If your certificate will expire before the end of February, 2020, please use this form to sign up for a "CDPHE Wastewater Mandatory Regulatory Training Webinar."