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EMTS Grants reimbursement information
The EMTS Funding Program is a reimbursement-based grant program, which means every grantee must:
  • Submit quarterly progress reports until the completion of their project.
  • Notify and get approval from the program of major changes in the scope of the current award.
  • Provide full payment in local cash for the goods or services before requesting reimbursement from the program.
  • Submit for reimbursement after the goods or services have been delivered or rendered as described in your current statement of work.
Reimbursement request steps
  • Complete, sign and print all 4 pages of the Standardized Invoice Form. Detailed instructions for completing the form are in your Manage Grant Award Guide.
  • Attach appropriate supporting documentation.
    • Vendor invoices - should show your actual costs
    • Proof of payment - can be a copy of checks, bank registers, zero balance vendor statements and receipts.
    • Pictures of grant funded equipment and vehicles are also required.
  • ​Recommended: submit an EFT authorization form to receive payment by direct deposit.
  • Submit everything together by email to:
Reimbursement requests may be delayed or denied if they’re submitted without proper documentation of your purchases.
Progress reports
  • Progress reports on your project must be submitted by the end of every quarter (Sept. 30, Dec. 31, March 31, June 30) through our web portal at:
  • Incomplete or missing progress reports may create reimbursement delays.
For questions about the funding program or to gain access to the CEMSIS web portal call: