What are common sources of lead?

Lead can be found in many places. You can find lead in these places in Colorado:
  • Homes built before 1978 with chipping, peeling, or flaking paint, or imported toys with lead-based paint.
  • Imported spices such as turmeric, coriander, black pepper, thyme, and hanuman sindoor.
  • Imported glazed pottery, commonly used to cook beans or hot chocolate.
  • Home remedies such as greta or azacron used to treat illness or empacho.
  • Soil or dust that contains lead. This can be tracked into the house or it can be where a child plays outside. 
  • Hobbies such as hunting and fishing that use lead bullets or fish sinkers; some artist paints and furniture refinishing. 
  • Work in industries such as construction, mining, welding or plumbing.
  • Water from pipes in homes built before 1978 can have lead. 
If you think you or your child has lead poisoning, ask your doctor to test your blood for lead.