Law enforcement - Medical Marijuana Registry

For questions related to marijuana enforcement and MED regulations (such as METRC, point of sale, licensed center requirements, plant count and grow regulations), please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.
Marijuana training for law enforcement
Contact Colorado Peace Officer Standards Training (POST) for information about current marijuana-related curriculum and courses, printable handouts, the POST Training Calendar, and Legal Updates.
CCIC patient verification interface currently down 
We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This is affecting cards with numbers in the ##-###-###-XX format. If you need to verify patient card status, please follow the instructions below to manually verify card status by contacting the Registry. 
Verify patient card status
Automatically verify using CCIC or;
Manually verify by contacting the Registry
  • Email with the subject line “Law Enforcement Patient Status Verification” 
  • Attach a letter on your agency’s letterhead which includes your badge information.
  • Attach all documentation presented by the person, such as a copy of the registration card.
Check invalid cards
The Medical Marijuana Registry information changes daily. Information in the links below may not be as accurate as information within the Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC) System. 
Cards printing with a black box 
Cards printed using Google Chrome may have a black box on the card. We are working to resolve this issue.  

Notice of conviction
State or local law enforcement shall immediately notify the Medical Marijuana Registry when a person in possession of a medical marijuana card has been convicted of violating the Colorado Constitution or statutes, or has plead guilty to such offense. Notices must come in the form of:

  • A notice of conviction, court finding or final disposition related to a court conviction. 
  • A law enforcement summons or citation with a signed admission of guilt in lieu of a court appearance.
To send a Notice of Conviction to the Registry save the court finding or final disposition to your device, complete this form, attach the document and click "submit." You may also email these documents to using the subject line “Notice of Conviction.”