Jovan Emerson Melton

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Jovan Emerson Melton is the State Representative from House District 41 to the 70th Colorado General Assembly. He serves as the Chair of the Black Democratic Legislative Caucus of Colorado. He is also the Founding Partner and Senior Consultant for Emerson Hamilton Consulting and Strategies, LLC based in Aurora.

Jovan was born in Denver, CO. At a young age, his parents divorced and he was raised primarily in a single parent home, although he always had the loving support of both his parents. Jovan grew up in a working class household in Northeast Denver, and later in Southwest Aurora. He personally experienced the disparities between social-economic classes. In witnessing the challenges his family faced to make a living, Jovan was taught the importance of equality and social justices early in life. He credits this as what led him into politics and his desire to help lower income and disenfranchised Coloradans.