IV fluid shortage

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Current Status
At this time we do not have any saline supply to distribute or funding sources available to alleviate this shortage.  The Centers for Disease Control does not plan on opening up the Strategic National Stockpile.

Early in November the CDPHE-OEPR requested situational awareness information from healthcare partners on the  IV Saline and medication shortage. The shortage existed prior to Hurricane Maria and intensified with damage to the distributor’s manufacturing sites in Puerto Rico. The intent was to gather situational awareness on the impact to organizations, engage partners to identify possible solutions for those experiencing acute shortages, or consider the implementation of the statewide hospital memorandum of understanding.    

Our findings were that most organizations were well aware of the shortages and had already made adjustments to their purchasing processes, supply chains, medication delivery protocols and overall IV solution usage. Based on the current situation, CDPHE recommends that health care facilities continue to:

  • Review your organization's supply disruption plan (facility or corporate level) for IV solutions, disposables and medications, and try to leverage solutions from previous experiences;
  • Review medication administration protocols and alternate delivery options;
  • Reach out to purchasing staff (rather than administrative contacts) at other area hospitals and contact new vendors for availability and possible purchase;
  • Review the Colorado statewide hospital memorandum of understanding, if applicable, and make contact with local/regional facilities (non-traditional facilities as well, i.e. dialysis centers, surgery centers, Emergency medical services, etc.) to consider group purchasing or to leverage plans or processes.  

Additional Information