Instructions for obtaining your fingerprint-based background check

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All first-time applicants for EMS provider certification must have their fingerprints collected for CBI and FBI as part of the application process. Renewal applicants have to be re-fingerprinted only if they have lived outside of Colorado within the past three years. 
$39.50 FBI + $10 vendor fee payable to the fingerprint collection vendor you choose.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has chosen IdentoGo and Colorado Fingerprinting as the two companies to collect fingerprints. You can schedule a fingerprint collection appointment with the vendor of your choice using the links below. 
Colorado Fingerprinting
Unique identifier: 3150EMTI, CBI Account #: CONCJ3150
Service code: 25YGKV, CBI Account #: CONCJ3150

The CBI account number for EMS provider certification is: CONCJ3150. Applicants will be required to enter this number when scheduling an appointment. 

The EMS provider certification process requires that all initial applicants submit fingerprints for a Criminal History Record Information search. Renewal applicants are not required to re-submit fingerprints unless they have lived outside of Colorado within the past three years. All applicants that have lived outside of Colorado within the past three years must submit fingerprints and pay for both a Colorado and a nationwide FBI fingerprint based Criminal History Record Information search. Fingerprint results are not provided to the applicant or employer. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation will forward the results to the department for the processing of your EMS provider certification application. Fingerprint cards will be rejected if mailed to the 4300 Cherry Creek Drive address. 
For additional detailed information, visit the Colorado Bureau of Investigation CABS webpage.
Required Information
The following information must be provided during your in-person appointment:
  • Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Sex, Race, Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair (Please use 3 letters abbreviations for eyes and hair — Ex: Brown = Bro, Blue = Blu)
  • The fee amounts listed above, must be paid by credit card. Checks are not accepted.
  • OCA - CONCJ3150
  • Reason Fingerprinted - CRS 25-3.5-203, Emergency Medical Service Provider/Emergency Medical Responder, 6CCR 1015-1
  • Employer and Address:


Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Please do not mail fingerprints to the address above
Contact us
EMS Certification hotline: 303-691-4932