Instructions for installing the "DFSCP" CD

CDs are available at the following locations:
  1. Insert the CD into the CD drive on the computer.
    When the window appears showing the CD's contents,
    RIGHT-click on the "DFSCP" folder and select "Copy."

  2. Open Windows Explorer
    (i.e., the file manager, and not any web browsers):
    - Click on the Windows "Start" button and select the "Documents" option.
    - Click on any folder icon on your Desktop.

  3. Navigate to your C: drive,
    RIGHT-click in the C: drive window,
    and select "Paste" from the pop-up menu
    to copy the "DFSCP" folder to your computer.
    Make sure the folder is dropped on the C: drive and not in another folder.

  4. When the "DFSCP" folder appears on your C: drive,
    double-click on that folder to open it.

    Your "DFSCP" folder should now show the following:
       - An "Operating Files" folder,
       - A "DFSCPFleetVehicleInventory" application,
       - A "FleetVehicleInventory" text file, and
       - A "FleetVehicleInventory" spreadsheet file.

    NOTE: If a "DFSCPFleetVehicleInventory" file (with a File Type of "File" - no extension) also appears in this folder, you can disregard it.

    - Your "OperatingFiles" folder should now show the following:
       - A "FleetName" text file,
       - A "FleetNumber" text file, and
       - A "LastSubmissionYear" text file.
  5. You are now ready to run the application.
    Return to the previous page and continue with the Instructions for entering fleet data.
If you have any questions with this process, please call the Diesel Program staff at the Denver Emissions Technical Center: 303-744-2522. Our staff will help you as soon as possible.