Air quality: Instructions for downloading the self-cert program

Note: These instructions assume you're already familiar with your computer, your version of the Windows operating system and your Web browser. If you need help with any of these, please contact your system administrator. It may be useful to print out this page so other pop-up windows don't obscure these instructions.
If you have questions about this process, please contact Raymond Elick:

For current users

For new users of the DFSCP software:

  1. Click on the DFSCP NEW INSTALL file to automatically download it to your computer.
    When the computer prompts you, save this folder to your C: drive.
  2. After saving the folder, right-click on it and choose the Extract tool.
    Once the files have been extracted, save them.

    Note: It's important to make sure the unzipped folder is named DFSCP and resides directly on your computer’s
    C: drive, and not in any other drive or folder.

  3. Delete the zipped folder from your C: drive.
  4. Return to the main diesel fleet self-certification page and follow the steps for using this software.


For current users of the DFSCP software:

  1. Open your existing DFSCP “dashboard” and look at the top right corner of the dashboard. The software version number should be visible. If the number isn't 14339, you should update the software using the following steps. If you're using version 14339, return to the main diesel fleet self-certification page and follow the steps for using this software.
  2. Before updating, save a copy of your “FleetVehicleInventory.txt” text file to a separate drive (like a USB “thumb drive”) or disk (like a CD) for safekeeping.
  3. To update to the latest software, click on the file to automatically download the “zipped” folder to your computer.
  4. After the software finishes downloading, select the Open option and save the folder to your computer’s desktop.
  5. Right-click on the zipped DFSCP folder and choose the extract tool. This will make a new folder with a functional copy of the application.
  6. Save the functional copy of the application to the existing C:\DFSCP folder on your computer. The software is named AP_MS_DFSCPFleetVehicleInventory.exe (file type is “application” or “executable”).
  7. Open the “dashboard” and verify that it shows the new version number, 14339, in the upper right-hand corner.
  8. Delete any older versions of the dashboard on your computer and any shortcuts on your computer’s desktop.
  9. Create a shortcut to the new application and move it to the desktop.
  10. Once the installation is complete, delete the DFSCP folders from your desktop.
  11. Return to the main diesel fleet self-certification page and follow the steps for using this software.