Inspection of marijuana testing facilities

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We coordinate the inspection of retail marijuana testing facilities. We review all documentation and practices to ensure the rules of the Colorado Department of Revenue are met and to determine whether to recommend the testing facilities for certification to the Department of Revenue. The Marijuana Enforcement Division is the certifying body of the Department of Revenue.

Requirements for certification of laboratories
A retail marijuana testing facility must meet standards of performance as established by the Colorado Department of Revenue Rule (1CCR 212-2).
The testing facility must receive a Retail Business License from the Marijuana Enforcement Division before requesting certification.
Inspection process
The testing facility contacts the Laboratory Services Division ( and requests the certification audit documents.  
After completing an internal self-audit and correcting all non-compliance, the testing facility will submit the Request for Inspection form signed and dated by the laboratory director. In addition, the testing facility will submit its Quality Assurance Manual, Standard Operating Procedures, Validation Summary and curriculum vitae/résumés for all staff. Once these are received and accepted, an on-site inspection will be scheduled.
Certification types
  • Potency testing.
  • Microbial (bacteria, fungus).
  • Residual solvents.
  • Metals.
Fee structure  (lab fees)
Testing facilities requesting an annual on-site inspection by the state public health laboratory will be invoiced for:
  • Individual type (includes one testing method):                             $500/per type
  • On-site inspection:                                                                      $250/site inspection
  • Additional testing methods within a type:                                    $150/testing method
  • Desk audits (remedial proficiency testing review, personnel         $150/desk audit
    review, new testing method review, etc.):                    
  • Travel and per diem will be invoiced to the facility at national per diem rates


Marijuana reference library

Work group documents
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has two work groups to address marijuana inspection issues: