Inequity Fact Sheets

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Differences in health status between groups are called health disparities. But when differences are systemic, avoidable, and unjust, we understand these differences to be health inequities

Data are critical for decision-making, but data don't always tell the whole story or illuminate root causes and structural inequities. Sometimes, they can perpetuate negative stereotypes.

That's why it's critical to frame health disparity data by providing relevant context and background, using inclusive and strength-based language, and pointing to root causes and structural determinants of health, across sectors.

Acknowledging this, CDPHE staff developed a statement on structural inequity to include in our data products:

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment acknowledges that social, economic and environmental inequities result in adverse health outcomes and have a greater impact than individual choices. Reducing health disparities through systems change can help improve opportunities for all Coloradans.

We have developed a series of fact sheets that examine health inequities across racial and ethnic groups in Colorado:

We analyzed data across a wide range of disease and illness areas. These fact sheets present select inequities that demonstrate structural determinants of health. For a full presentation of of all indicators examined, see Appendix B. For references cited, data sources, and full data tables, see these appendices:

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