Indoor burning restrictions

Recorded air quality advisory hotline
Recorded indoor burning hotline
For complaints and general questions:

Restrictions apply November-March

  • The graphic above shows expected air quality conditions for metro Denver.
  • During the winter high pollution season (November-March), the graphic indicates whether an air quality Action Day is in effect. During an air quality Action Day, indoor burning is restricted in the seven metro Denver counties:

Burning Restrictions Map

  • Denver.
  • Boulder.
  • Broomfield.
  • Douglas.
  • Jefferson.
  • Areas west of Kiowa Creek in Adams and Arapahoe counties.


A wood burning device is exempt from burning restrictions if any of the following are true:

  • Device is on a list of certified or approved indoor burning equipment:
    • Phase II EPA-certified stoves.
    • Colorado-approved pellet stoves.
    • Colorado-approved masonry heaters.
  • Device is located above 7,000 feet.
  • Device is not certified or approved, but indoor burning is the primary source of heat and an exemption letter has been issued from the state or local jurisdiction.