Immunization reports and data

School and child care immunization data for families, schools, local public health agencies and health care providers (requires one of the following browsers: Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Android 4.4 or later; Apple Safari on Mac and iOS 8.x or later; Internet Explorer 11 or newer; Mozilla Firefox 3.x or later on Windows and Mac).
Childhood and teen coverage rates
The National Immunization Survey provides national and state estimates of vaccination coverage among 19-35 month olds. Data include vaccination rates across years for :
The annual kindergarten school immunization survey assesses vaccination rates at school entry. Results include vaccine, exemption and compliance rates for Colorado kindergartners:
Colorado birth certificate data (hepatitis B vaccine birth dose rate by year)
Adult coverage rates
The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is a telephone survey of Colorado residents that collects data about health and related risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, and use of preventative services. Data include pneumococcal, flu, Tdap, HPV, and tetanus vaccines. You can also access national data.
The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System identifies and monitors behaviors and experiences of women before, during, and after pregnancy. Data include Tdap and flu vaccines and insurance status.
Flu vaccine coverage rates
CDC FluVax estimates annual flu vaccine coverage via data from several national surveys. Data includes flu immunization rates across years by age group and ethnicity.
Influenza vaccination annual coverage report for Colorado health care workers :
Healthcare worker influenza data by facility