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More information on suicide in Colorado
  • In 2016, suicide was the seventh-leading cause of death for all Coloradans.
  • Coloradans ages 19-34 (328 deaths) and those age 44-59 (339 deaths) demonstrated the highest number of suicide deaths compared with all other age groups. 
  • Among youth and young adults ages 10-24, suicide is the leading cause of death.
  • Suicide is a problem that impacts Coloradans regardless of age, race, ethnicity, income level, gender or sexual orientation. 
  • In 2016, there were 1,156 suicides among Colorado residents.
    • This is the highest number and rate of suicide deaths ever recorded in Colorado.
    • To compare, the number of suicide deaths in 2016 exceeded the number of deaths from homicide (230), motor vehicle crashes (627), influenza and pneumonia (532), breast cancer (618) and diabetes (937).
  • In 2015, the most recent year of data available nationally, Colorado ranked ninth for highest suicide rate in the United States.
    • Colorado is consistently among the 10 states with the highest suicide rates.
Stressful life events, financial and otherwise, have significant impact on those vulnerable to suicide where typical coping strategies are weakened by the effects of mental illness, substance use, short-term mental health reactions and a host of other risk factors associated with suicide. Learn more about all the risk factors and warning signs of suicide to watch for in your loved ones and how to take action to help.

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