Household propane cylinders and canisters

The preferred (and often only) method for the management of old propane cylinders and canisters is to recycle them.
Never put a propane cylinder or canister in the trash.
  • Propane cylinders and canisters must be completely empty before recycling.
    • If it isn't empty, connect the cylinder or canister to a propane-burning device such as your camp stove or grill to burn off the residual propane.
    • Avoid cutting the cylinder with a torch or cutting wheel. The cylinder may still contain propane and is a potential fire and explosion hazard.
  • Some household hazardous waste collection programs will accept a limited variety of propane cylinders and canisters for recycling.
  • Some local propane distributors and larger propane retailers may accept old propane cylinders for recycling as a service to their customers.
    • Contact propane distributors and larger retailers in your area to see whether they offer this service.
  • Some propane exchange companies will take your old cylinder and charge a one-time upgrade fee in exchange for new equipment.
  • Some local scrap metal dealers accept propane cylinders and camp stove canisters for their scrap metal value.
    • Always call ahead to confirm that the dealer will accept propane cylinders and/or canisters for metals recovery.