Household motor oil and filters

Used oil is prohibited from disposal in a landfill. Motor oil should never be mixed with solvents or antifreeze.
  • Service stations offering oil changing services, specialty oil changing service facilities and auto parts retailers may accept up to 5 gallons of uncontaminated used motor oil for recycling as a service to their customers.
  • Some county maintenance yards and household hazardous waste collection programs will accept limited quantities of uncontaminated used oil from residents of their county.
    • Always call first before bringing oil to a potential recycling site.
    • Please don’t abuse these resources by abandoning used oil or other wastes at these facilities after hours or you may be charged with illegal disposal.
Used oil filters procedures
  1. Hot drain the used oil filter after removing it from your vehicle.
  • ​Puncture the filter dome end or anti-flowback valve, crush or dismantle the filter.
  • Place over a drain pan or bucket and drain for 24 hours.
  • Oil removed from the filter should be saved and recycled with the rest of your used oil.
  1. Wrap the well-drained oil filter in a plastic trash bag.
  2. Place the packaged waste in your trash.