Household contaminated rags

Rags contaminated with solvents or some wood preservatives and stains should be handled very carefully because they may spontaneously burn if the rags aren’t stored properly.
  • Not all solvents and wood preservatives pose this danger, but it’s better to be over-cautious.
  1. Conduct all activities outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Wear protective clothing such as chemical-resistant gloves, eye protection and long sleeves.
  3. Hang contaminated rags outside or spread them out to dry on a nonflammable surface outside away from your house and other outbuildings. The area must be away from potential ignition sources, children and pets.
  4. When completely dry, the rags can be placed in a trash bag.
  5. Store the trash bag outside away from children and pets.
  6. Place the trash bag in your trash on the day it's picked up or taken to the landfill.