Household appliances

Freon (chlorofluorocarbons, CFCs) must be removed from refrigerators and air conditioners before disposal.
  • While a few landfills have staff equipped and trained to remove and capture the freon, most landfills can't accept appliances that contain it.
  • Contact an appliance repair company with a certified CFC technician to remove the freon and tag the appliance as CFC-free.
    • Once this is done, most landfills can accept these and other appliances for recycling or disposal.
  • Some communities have "large item pickup" days to assist homeowners with disposal of items that can't be disposed of in their regular trash.
    • Check with local city or county government to see if it offers these services.
Earth 911
If the above options aren’t available, visit the Earth 911 website to find companies that accept appliances for recycling.