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Thank you to all attendees of the 2016 Healthcare Preparedness Summit!

This dynamic event provided a tremendous amount of education, interaction and certainly, no shortage of opportunities for improvement.  Before you read the After Action Report, there are a few items that we would like to bring to your attention:

  •  The Cross-Jurisdictional ESF #8 Guidance: Communication and Coordination document used at the Summit has served its purpose. The document was developed specifically to set the stage and help initiate a dialogue among local partners during the Summit. It was never intended to serve as a template or draft planning tool, but simply as a starting point for further discussion and planning at the local and state levels. The Guidance document and AAR will serve as a framework to help identify system improvement actions items for both local and state partners.
  •  The local and state partnerships that were previously in existence and fostered during the Summit are immeasurably valuable. These partnerships will continue to provide a strong foundation for the ongoing development and refinement of various planning efforts at the state and local levels.  
  •  We acknowledge that the Summit and the Guidance document were not fully inclusive of the many partners and stakeholders that are needed to be a part of the planning and response process.  As local entities, you are encouraged to use the Guidance framework to build upon the discussions that took place after the presentations and during the exercises to continue to engage your partners in building a more robust response process.
  •  There is certainly no lack of opportunity for the “next steps” as were reflected by the Summit evaluation results and the AAR. Based on the feedback in the evaluation, there was a substantial amount of support for continuing to offer an ESF #8 Summit moving forward. CDPHE is exploring strategies and funding opportunities to host another Summit in 2018, following the Full Scale Exercise in 2017.
Between now and the Full Scale exercise in June of 2017, it is our hope that you will use the Summit After Action Report and the Guidance framework to address and develop written processes for some of the key opportunities that were identified at the local and state levels:
  • Notification and Communication
  • ESF #8 Activation and Coordination Across Jurisdictions
  • Resource Requests, Management and Mobilization
  • Situational Awareness and Information Sharing
  • Engaging Emergency Management, EMS and other Non-ESF #8 Partners in Planning Efforts


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Deborah French, Colorado Hospital Association

Garry Dejong, Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response | CDPHE