Colorado Health Navigator Registry

We implemented a voluntary credentialing process and registry to support the preparation, growth and sustainability of the unlicensed health navigator workforce in Colorado.
Visit the Colorado Health Navigator Registry
Please note: the registry will start being populated in 2018 as training programs apply to become CDPHE-recognized and as health navigators graduate and complete the credentialing process.
We do not license or certify health navigators. In the registry, you’ll find:
These three lists are voluntary, and we provide them as part of our public service.
Credentialing process and the registry
The credentialing program is based on competency statements that represent generalist entry-level core competencies for unlicensed health navigators, also known as patient navigators, as determined by the department over a 10-year period in consultation with several advisory committees comprising key stakeholders. The competency statements describe the desired knowledge, skills and behaviors that enable health navigators to perform successfully in health care organizations.
Our registry provides:
  • A list of training programs for unlicensed health navigators recognized by the department. This helps us align the education around the core, entry-level competencies for health navigators in Colorado.
  • A list of health navigator competency evaluation sites recognized by the department.
  • A list of health navigators who have been trained and evaluated to have the knowledge, skills and behaviors enabling them to perform successfully in relation to the entry-level competency statements.
Because our credentialing program is voluntary for training programs and health navigators, we do not prohibit non-credentialed health navigator training programs from operating or prohibit non-credentialed individuals from using the “health navigator” or “patient navigator” title.