Health Navigator Workforce Development Initiative

The initiative aims include creating a voluntary credentialing program for unlicensed health navigator training. It will also create a registry of competency-based training programs and a registry of health navigators who complete the training program and pass the competency evaluation.
Specific aims of the initiative include:
  • Identify the qualified health navigator workforce.
  • Identify the supply and demand for health navigators in Colorado.
  • Grow the health navigator workforce throughout the state, and bring health navigator education to the community colleges, allowing for career pathways.
  • Promote the integration of the health navigator into the health care team.
  • Identify the key indicators for evaluation of the impact and cost-effectiveness of health navigator programs.
  • Educate the public about the roles and responsibilities of the health navigator.
Contribute to the attainment of health equity, the Triple Aim framework (improving the experience of care, the health of populations, and reducing health care costs), strengthen the health care workforce and further develop the emerging role of the health navigator.
Our strategy is two-fold; it includes:
  • Voluntary credentialing for unlicensed health navigator training programs.
  • Registries of competency-based training programs and the health navigators who complete the training program and/or pass the competency evaluation.
Why it’s important
Credentialing will standardize health navigation services by:
  • Communicating standardized health navigator entry-level competencies.
  • Clarifying health navigator roles for employers and consumers.
  • Enhancing statewide access to health navigator training and the development of health navigator career pathway(s).