Health navigator workforce development

The Health Navigator Workforce Development Initiative aims to define competencies and standardize training for unlicensed health navigators, introduce voluntary credentialing and a health navigator registry, and engage partners to promote sustainability of the health navigator workforce in Colorado. 

Watch our video, which illustrates the important work being done by CDPHE and health navigators in Colorado. (Push play button to start video.)

What is a health navigator?

Learn about the role of the health navigator. and read articles highlighting their work.


The Registry lists navigators who have demonstrated certain entry-level competencies, recognized training programs and evaluation sites.

Employer workforce study

Survey of employers about their staff and competencies they require for the health navigators they employ. Survey results indicate a growing demand for this workforce.

Career pathways

Learn about efforts being made to develop a workforce pipeline for health navigators.

Advisory groups

Groups of stakeholders and experts have been assembled to provide advice and recommendations.


Learn more about our initiative and health navigation with these downloadable informational documents