Equity & justice resources

CDPHE Policies 
Health Equity and Environmental Justice Principles
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is committed to systematically addressing health equity and environmental justice (equity and justice) through the administration of its programs.
Including the voices of communities most impacted by inequity is a critical component of the advancement of equity and justice. This policy supports our Health Equity and Environmental Justice Principles, by identifying opportunities to integrate community participation into our daily work across the department. 
Statement on Structural Inequity
When it comes to reporting data on health disparities, data or information may have the opposite effect we hope it does; it can perpetuate negative stereotypes or victim-blaming. To avoid this, a group of CDPHE employees developmed a statement on structural inequity.
Tools and Handouts
Equity is part of a complex continuum that includes diversity, inclusion and equality. In today's workplace it can be daunting to not only figure out the differences between these terms, but how to implement them and measure success. This handout was created by the Office of health Equity to breas down each part of the continuum, provide brief definitions and measures of success. 
Sweet Tools to Advance Equity
These resources were created by the Office of Health Equity to help you apply health equity and environmental justice to planning, programs, policies and other processes.