Health care facility infection data

Annual reports
We issue annual reports showing infection rates at individual facilities compared with national standards for the following:
  • Surgical site infections in breast, cardiac, orthopedic and abdominal surgeries in acute care hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.
  • Central-line-associated bloodstream infections in adult and neonatal critical care units, long-term acute care hospitals, and rehabilitation hospitals and wards.
  • Dialysis-related infections in outpatient dialysis treatment centers.
You can use these reports when making decisions about where to receive health care. However, be aware that infection rates can be influenced by factors such as surveillance, reporting practices and patient health.
Semi-annual bulletins
2017 surgery site infection data (hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers)
2017 catheter-associated bloodstream infection data (hospitals and long term acute care hospitals)
2017 outpatients dialysis-related infection data
2017 Clostridium Difficile infection data