Health Care Coalitions


Health Care Coalitions are groups of local healthcare and responder organizations that collaborate to prepare for emergencies. HCCs reflect the unique needs and characteristics of local jurisdictions. Coalitions are a key requirement to The Hospital Preparedness Program.

Hospital Preparedness Program is a division of the Office of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPAR), HPP funding supports Colorado local level healthcare system preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery as outlined in the healthcare preparedness capabilities.


Regional Health Care Coalition Map

Map showing Colorado Health Care Coalitions

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HPP Capability Training PowerPoints 
CDPHE-OEPR has broken down the HPP capabilities 2017-2022 into easily understandable PowerPoint presentations. Please use these resources with new members.  

Health Care Coalition Information
Colorado Statewide Health Care Coalition Council 
National Resources 

Resources shared by Colorado Health Care Coalitions

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Preparedness Rule


Colorado Health Care Coalition evacuation planning