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The Health Disparities Grant Program (HDGP) is funded by the Colorado state tobacco tax revenue as mandated by Amendment 35 (A35) and conducts its funding cycle according to the state fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).  All A35 awards funding is contingent upon Colorado State Board of Health approval, spending authority of the program and appropriations by the state legislature each year.  The Health Equity Commission assists in the review of the grant program.

Current Funding Opportunities 

HDGP FY20-21 RFA #11545 
Application deadline: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 5 p.m. (MDT) 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Office of Health Equity (OHE) is pleased to announce the release of the HDGP FY20-21 Competitive Grant Request for Application (RFA) #11545.

In 2017, the OHE asked Coloradans what concerned them most in their daily lives through electronic polls. Coloradans were most concerned about how the cost of homes, available transportation and health care cost affect their quality of life. Being able to choose where we live has an impact on individual, family and community health. Families living in neighborhoods that have inviting parks, healthy food stores, stable housing, reliable transportation and physical and mental health care are likely to live healthier lives because the availability of these resources make it easier for them to make healthy choices daily. However, the process of improving a neighborhood (gentrification) often increases the chances that long-term residents will be displaced. This is because rising home costs are forcing low-income residents and residents of color who have lived in their neighborhoods for generations out of their homes. They are forced to look for affordable homes that are farther away from their jobs, public transportation, the community they are connected to and local goods such as grocery stores, parks, childcare and quality schools.

The HDGP is planning its next grant cycle (FY20-21) to align with the concerns of Coloradans and will fund local initiatives focused on evidence-based strategies to overcome health disparities in the prevention and early detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and chronic pulmonary disease by implementing policy and systems changes related to anti-displacement housing efforts that include land-use planning or affordability that addresses housing stability in communities.

We have funding for a 2-year grant cycle to support lead agencies that have resources, partnerships and community engagement skills to create a foundation to improve social outcomes. These lead agencies will convene cross-sector partners to change policies and/or zoning regulations or design guidelines and requirements to transform land-use planning and/or housing systems related to anti-displacement or affordability, which can ultimately have a positive impact on reducing incidences of cancer, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. These include systems or policy initiatives such as, but not limited to: renter protections, community land trusts and community ownership models, commercial neighborhood stabilization, inclusionary zoning and measures such as percent requirements and/or incentives to create affordable housing during development approvals, etc. These lead agencies must demonstrate strengths in building trust and community power, guiding vision and strategy and supporting aligned activities.

Download the application packet here. (If you receive a message saying, "Whoops! There was a problem with the preview," click on the button to "download". You should see the .zip folder appear at the bottom of your screen that you can open to get the materials.)

All notices related to RFA #11545 will be posted to this page. They may include any modifications to administrative or performance requirements, answers to inquiries received, clarifications to requirements and the announcement of the apparent winning applicants. Applicants are responsible for carefully and regularly monitoring publicized modifications to this solicitation for any such notices. 

Previous Funding Opportunities


The application period is now closed for FY19-21 funding (July 2018 through June 2021) for HDGP RFA #8473. A list of the currently funded projects can be found on the HDGP Funding Portfolio page. As well, you may still view the following: 

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