HAI Advisory Committee

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246
The Colorado Health Facility Associated Infection Advisory Committee was defined and established by the HAI Disclosure Law (C.R.S. 25-3-6). The voting members of the committee include:
  • Local hospital inpatient and outpatient infection preventionists.
  • Association of Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) Mile High chapter members.
  • A medical statistician.
  • An infectious-disease doctor.
  • A health insurer representative.
  • A consumer advocate.
  • A purchaser of health insurance.
In addition, representatives from the Colorado Hospital Association (CHA), the Colorado Health Care Association (CHCA), and Telligen attend committee meetings to provide input. Only formal committee members may vote on issues related to the statute.
Mission statement
The Colorado HealthCare-Associated Infections (HAI) Advisory Committee provides oversight and guidance to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Colorado health care facilities in monitoring and publishing HAI counts and rates to help ensure accountability and the protection of health of patients in Colorado.
In Colorado, requires facilities to publicly report specific HAI including central line-associated bloodstream infections in select critical care units, surgical site infections for specific procedures performed in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, and dialysis events in outpatient dialysis centers.
CDPHE, with the guidance of the HAI Advisory Committee, ensures the law is carried out to improve the accountability of health care facilities and protect the health of Colorado patients through education, data validation, and review of reporting requirements and surveillance practices.
  1. Ensure all components of Colorado Revised Statute, Title 25, Article 3, Part 6 are met.
  2. Provide guidance for the reporting metrics of health care associated infections (HAIs).
  3. Evaluate relevance and accuracy of reporting requirements.
  4. Provide review and input on validation study methodology and results.
  5. Provide guidance on the development and dissemination of the Annual HAI Disclosure Report per CRS 25-3-603 and other HAI-related reports developed for consumers and healthcare personnel.
  6. Provide input on HAI education and outreach activities, HAI prevention priorities and activities such as prevention collaboratives, surveillance studies, and other HAI-related projects as needed.
  7. Promote safe healthcare for Colorado citizens.
Lynda Saignaphone