HACCP frequently requested information

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, a system used to ensure all of the hazards associated with a food process are under control.
HACCP plans
HACCP plans are written documents that define formal procedures for controlling hazards associated with a food process. In Colorado, HACCP plans are required for reduced oxygen packaging processes, such as vacuum packaging, in which air is removed before the packaging is sealed, sous vide, and cook-chill. HACCP plans also are required for specialized food processing methods, such as food preservation, curing, or sprouting seeds or beans.
What you need to do
If you would like to conduct Reduced Oxygen Packaging at a retail food establishment, you must have a HACCP plan approved by your local health agency.

If you would like to conduct specialized food processing methods, you must first have your process approved by a Process Authority.

Once reviewed by a Process Authority, your HACCP plan should be submitted to your local health agency for review and approval.