Greening the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry's growth and processing of hemp and marijuana has environmental impacts. We have been working collaboratively to raise awareness and establish best practices for the industry to reduce their environmental footprint. Together, we are developing innovative strategies and tools to help improve sustainability in the industry.  
The right resources, a commitment to greener business practices and raising awareness will result in an eco-friendly sustainable and renewable industry that will flourish for generations.

Environmental impacts of growing cannabis

Air quality impacts

VOC guidance, emission reduction, solvent emissions

Energy resource impacts

Metrics, data tracking, benchmark tool

Waste disposal impacts

Organic and hazardous waste compliance

Water quality impacts

Liquid waste disposal, technical assistance

Resources for improving sustainability

National and local resources, streamlining cannabis cultivation 

Picture of cannabis growing in a pot, in the open air outdoors
On the road in 2020
Come see us present at the following conventions in 2020. 
Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
February 19-20 | Boston, MA
Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions Conference
February 25 | La Jolla, CA
Air and Waste Management Association
July 2 | San Francisco CA
Kaitlin Urso
Small Business Assistance Program