General air permits

General permits and associated forms are available here.
  • General permits offer a streamlined approach; they're available for land development activities and certain oil and gas operations.
  • Sources that can meet the criteria of emissions limitations and other operating conditions may qualify for a general permit. On the Air Pollutant Emission Notice, you may choose to apply for a general permit. 
  • When the general permit isn't applicable or doesn't meet the unique needs of a facility, we issue an individual permit through the traditional construction permit process.
  • We no longer accept blank Air Pollutant Emission Notices. We charge additional fees for applications submitted without the necessary information. Use only forms supplied by the Air Pollution Control Division.
  • For more information, see reporting your air emissions and applying for air permits step-by-step.
  • General Permit GP01: Condensate Storage Tank Batteries.
    • ​Cost to file: $250.00
  • General Permit GP02: Natural Gas Fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) (for natural gas fired RICE engines for oil and natural gas operators only).
    • ​Cost to file: $1,500.00
  • Form APCD-201: Rice APEN.
    • ​Cost to file: $152.90
  • Form APCD-102: Facility Wide Inventory | In Excel
  • General Permit GP03: Land Development.
    • ​Cost to file: $50.00
  • General Permit GP05: Produced Water Storage Tank Batteries.
    • ​Cost to file: $250.00
  • General Permit GP06: Diesel Engines (for diesel fired RICE engines only).
    • ​Cost to file: $900.00
  • General Permit GP07: Hydrocarbon Liquid Loadout (for oil and gas operations). Please see the guidance memo below for more information.
    • Memo 14-02: Hydrocarbon Liquid Loadout General Permit GP-07 Regulatory Definitions and Permitting Guidance.
    • Cost to file: $250.00
  • General Permit GP08: Oil and Gas Industry Storage Tanks (Condensate, Crude Oil and Produced water).
    • ​Cost to file: $250.00

Frequently requested information about permitting fees.