General air permits

General permits and associated forms are available here.
  • General permits offer a streamlined approach; they're available for land development activities and certain oil and gas operations.
  • Sources that can meet the criteria of emissions limitations and other operating conditions may qualify for a general permit. On the Air Pollutant Emission Notice, you may choose to apply for a general permit. 
  • When the general permit isn't applicable or doesn't meet the unique needs of a facility, we issue an individual permit through the traditional construction permit process.

​​We no longer accept blank Air Pollutant Emission Notices. We charge additional fees for applications submitted without the necessary information. Use only forms supplied by the Air Pollution Control Division. For more information, see reporting your air emissions and applying for air permits step-by-step.

General permits and forms
  • General Permit GP01: Condensate Storage Tank Batteries.
    • Cost to file: $312.50
  • General Permit GP02: Natural Gas Fired Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE) (for natural gas fired RICE engines for oil and natural gas operators only).
    • Cost to file: $1875.00
  • Form APCD-102: Facility Wide Inventory | In Excel
  • General Permit GP03: Land Development.
    • Cost to file: $62.50
  • General Permit GP05: Produced Water Storage Tank Batteries.
    • Cost to file: $312.50
  • General Permit GP06: Diesel Engines (for diesel fired RICE engines only).
    • Cost to file: $1,125.00
  • General Permit GP07: Hydrocarbon Liquid Loadout (for oil and gas operations). Please see the guidance memo below for more information.
    • Memo 14-02: Hydrocarbon Liquid Loadout General Permit GP-07 Regulatory Definitions and Permitting Guidance.
    • Cost to file: $312.50
  • General Permit GP08: Oil and Gas Industry Storage Tanks (Condensate, Crude Oil and Produced water).
    • Cost to file: $312.50

Frequently requested information about permitting fees.