Gena Dellett

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Gena Dellett, Commissioner since 2014, is the Strategy and Communications Specialist for Upleaf. Upleaf is a consulting firm dedicated to increasing the impact of nonprofits through strategic online communication and technology solutions. Dellett, along with the rest of Upleaf’s team, is passionate about social causes and eager to support nonprofits in making a lasting impact in people’s lives.

Prior to Upleaf, Dellett served as the Development Director of La Puente, a nonprofit providing an array of critical human services in the six counties of the rural San Luis Valley. During her time with La Puente, Gena strengthened her belief that everyone deserves a fair chance to lead a healthy life. She observed that individuals are all-too-often judged on their value and worth, rather than treated with the basic and inalienable respect that they deserve. This judgment perpetuates health disparities and keeps individuals and families from becoming self-sufficient and reaching their full potential.

Dellett first became passionate about issues related to health equity during her three years with San Luis Valley Health, where she managed a public will building campaign in partnership with The Colorado Trust. The project, Get Healthy SLV, was based on the premise that community and culture-wide change cannot occur until individuals are educated and engaged at a personal level. This understanding of human behavior and belief systems continues to guide and motivate her work today.