Food manufacturing and storage

Food manufacturing and storage includes selling your food to retailers, re-packing, shellfish dealers, salvage operations, grain storage facilities and industrial hemp. 
Please Note: We are currently processing license renewal invoices and we will be mailing them out shortly. Please only contact us if your mailing address has changed to help expedite this process

Register as a manufactured food or storage facility

Register as an industrial hemp facility
Manufacturers, warehouses, re-packers, shellfish dealers, salvage operations, grain storage facilities and industrial hemp operations must be registered. Registration is specific to the owner and location, and is not transferrable. If you are manufacturing industrial hemp, please refer to our policyCDPHE does not register operations that are producing marijuana infused products. You need to contact the Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division.  

Application for Certificate of Free Sale
Issued for products manufactured or warehoused in CO that are subject to state and federal food regulations. The fee is $150 each certificate.
Food and product recalls
Food, drug and cosmetic product recalls.

Contacts, regulations, labeling requirements, starting a food processing business, food safety signs, training opportunities and regulation explanation documents.
Approved source list
A listing of all manufactured food businesses that are active and current. List updated bi-weekly.

Additional licensing may be required. 
Depending on the type of business, you may need some or all of the license types below:
Business license
Contact your local city office.
Retail food license
If you make and sell your food to the public, you might also need a retail food license. 
City/county sales tax license
Contact your local city/county taxation office.
Get a sales tax license
You may be required to get a sales tax license from the Department of Revenue.
Federal tax ID number (TIN, EIN, ITIN, etc.)
Internal Revenue Service or visit your local IRS office.
Building permit
Contact your regional building department.