Facilities using X-ray machines FAQs

I need to have my (non-mammography) X-ray machine inspected who do I contact?
  • Contact a Colorado registered qualified inspector for your specific machine type(s).
  • Inspection of complex X-ray systems including computed tomography, fluoroscopy, and therapy systems requires inspection/evaluation by a registered medical physicist - a special category of qualified inspector.
  • Qualified inspectors are private companies/individuals that do not work for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Fees for inspections (also called certification evaluations) are set by the qualified inspector and are not under our control. Only the blue certification label fee ($60) is set by us which may or may not be included in the inspection fee charged by the qualified inspector.
I need to have my mammography X-ray machine inspected. Who do I contact?
  • Mammography inspections are completed in two steps - mammography facilities should contact a registered qualified inspector to complete the machine certification portion of the inspection.
  • CDPHE staff inspectors will contact the facility directly for the second portion of the inspection prior to the due date.
How can I pay my annual registration fee invoice?
  • Invoices for registration fees may be paid by electronic check or credit card through the online payment portal. Only those invoices which specifically list the payment portal website can be paid online. You must have a customer number/reference ID, and invoice number (shown on the invoice or letter).
  • For online payment questions, contact:
  • Each year X-ray machine facilities are also required to complete the online R-4 registration form upon receipt of their April bill/invoice.
  • No fee is required to update existing registration information outside of the annual renewal cycle.
What are the fees for registering my X-ray machine facility?
  • Each facility using X-ray machines must initially register, renew the registration annually and pay a $50 facility registration fee - regardless of the number of X-ray machines at the facility.
  • Each individual X-ray machine must have a certification evaluation (inspection) completed at the frequency specified in Table 2-1 of Section 2.5.1 of Part 2. Reminders are sent via email to each facility prior to the due date.
Why did I receive another invoice/bill when I just paid my annual invoice?
  • X-ray facility registration invoices are issued each April. If this bill is paid in a timely manner, you will not receive your next bill until the following April. However, if payment is delayed – for example if your April 2017 invoice is paid 10 months late in February of 2018 - you will receive another invoice in April for the current year.
  • Facilities not paying the initial annual facility renewal fee in a timely manner may be subject to additional fees.
I have bought a new business that has X-ray machines, what do I do?
R-4 registration form: Complete the online R-4 registration form and pay the necessary facility registration fee. Fees may be paid through the online payment portal.
I have sold a business that has X-ray machines, what do I do?
R-4 registration form: Provide information to the new owner that will allow them to complete the online R-4 registration form.
I am removing/selling/storing an X-ray machine, what do I need to do?
R-61 online status of radiation machines: Notify us by completing the R-61 online status of radiation machines form. 
​​R-4 registration formUpdate your facility information when applicable.
Who do I contact to recycle my X-ray machine?
Recycling information guidance
Refer to the recycling information guidance document for further details.
R-61 X-ray status of radiation machines form: Complete In the event you recycle or remove your machine from service.
I am buying a new X-ray machine, what do I need to do?
R-4 form: Complete to update your facility registration information.
R-61 status of radiation machines form: Complete If you are also removing an existing X-ray machine from your facility.
Do all facilities with X-ray machines need to be registered with the state?
  • Yes. To ensure the health and safety of members of the public, operators, and patients, and consistent with state regulation, all permanent non-federal facilities using X-ray machines in the State of Colorado for any purpose (medical, industrial, research, security) must be registered with CDPHE’s X-ray certification unit of CDPHE.​
How often do I need to get my X-ray machine inspected?
  • Inspection frequencies (also called certification evaluations) are specified in Table 2-1 of Section 2.5.1 of Part 2 of the regulations and vary between 1-3 years depending on the type of machine or facility.
Does our facility require the use of dosimetry (radiation monitoring) badges?
  • Facilities that use fluoroscopy, computed tomography, or perform industrial radiography must use dosimetry badges and will not be granted a waiver from monitoring requirements.
  • Some facilities may be granted a waiver from the continuous radiation monitoring requirement if they demonstrate workers will not exceed 10 percent of the annual radiation limit for occupational radiation workers. Facilities must demonstrate this through use of continuous individual monitoring devices (dosimeters) for a period of at least 6 months, or provide an assessment of radiation dose from a qualified expert.
R-400 dosimetry waiver request formReview the instructions and complete.