Environmental Leadership Program

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ELP Members: Report your 2016 Annual Metrics

  • Our statewide environmental recognition and reward program.
  • We offer benefits and incentives to members that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement. 

24 Karat Gold Winner is Johns Manville!

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Recognition levels and applications

Bronze Achiever 
  • For facilities that have made significant achievements in improving the environment of Colorado.
  • No serious violations for one year, criminal for two years.
  • Pollution prevention efforts such as energy efficiency, waste minimization, water conservation.
  • Don't have a functional Environmental Management System in place.
  • One-year recognition.

Apply for Bronze Achiever recognition (.docx).

Silver Partner
  • For facilities seeking to achieve Gold Level membership or higher, but don't have all aspects of a functional EMS and/or do not meet all of the eligibility requirements.
  • No serious violations for one year, criminal for two years.
  • Commitment to develop an Environmental Management System with milestones that must be met each year.
  • Multi-year recognition (not to exceed three years).

Apply for Silver Partner recognition (.docx).

  • Must have in place a fully operational, facility-specific Environmental Management System with goals.
  • Must meet the beyond-compliance requirements for the Gold tier.
  • No serious violations for three years, criminal for five years.
  • Three-year recognition and may be renewed.

Apply for Gold Leader recognition (.docx).