Environmental Leadership 24 Karat Gold winners

2018 winner
Aspen Skiing Company

Image overlooking Aspen Snowmass
For more than a decade, Aspen Skiing Company has been a leader in efforts to operate in an environmentally-friendly manner. The company has spent millions of dollars on energy efficiency, including lighting, boilers, green buildings and controls. They’ve installed a 115 kW micro-hydro system generating power from spring runoff, 170 kW of solar photovoltaics and a 3 MW methane capture system at the Elk Creek mine in Somerset, CO. 

Company officials determined internal efforts to reduce energy usage, while valuable, would not do enough to combat climate change, a critical issue for the ski and outdoor industries that already have seen the effects of low-snow years. So Aspen Skiing Company created a coalition with Protect Our Winters and Alterra Mountain Company to advocate for the transitioning to a clean energy economy and away from coal-burning power generation.
Past award winners
2006 Vail Resorts
2007 Roche Colorado Corp.
2008 Denver International Airport
2009 Goodrich Corporation AWB, Carbon Operations
2010 Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG)
2011 Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Co. (AngloGold Ashanti), Gary Horton, 
2012 The Aspen Skiing Company Team — Todd Richmond, Matt Jones, Dave Bellack and Auden Shendler
2013 Blue Star Recycler — Andy O’Riley
2014 Black Hills Energy — Energy Efficiency Education Program Team
2015 Johns Manville
2016 Alpine Bank
2017 Denver International Airport (DIA)
The 24-Karat Gold Challenge Award is addressed as follows:
At each year’s fall award ceremony, the Gold Leader Champion will be honored with the 24-Karat Gold Challenge Award, to be displayed at their facility for a one-year term.
At the next annual award’s ceremony, the Gold Champion will return the award in good order, so that it may be handed over to the next facility who may win (unless the past year’s champion wins it again).
The award is to remain a challenge competition and will not become the property of any one facility, even if won more than once.