Environmental disease reporting regulations

Colorado Board of Health rule 6 CCR 1009-7  - Detection, Monitoring, and Investigation of Environmental and Chronic Diseases
In addition to the environmental diseases, syndromes or conditions reportable listed in Appendix A of rule 6 CCR 1009-7, the following conditions are reportable:
  1. A disease, syndrome, or condition that is known or suspected to be related to an exposure to a toxic substance, prescription drug, over-the-counter medication or remedy, controlled substance, environmental media, or contaminated product that results in hospitalization, treatment in an emergency department, or death, and meets at least one of the following:
a. Suspected of being a cluster, outbreak or epidemic,
b. A risk to the public due to ongoing exposure,
c. At an increased incidence beyond expectations,
d. Due to exposure to food, environmental media (including water, air, soil or sediment), or other material, such as marijuana products, that is contaminated by a toxic substance, hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant,
e. A case of a newly recognized or emerging disease or syndrome,
f. Related to a healthcare setting or contaminated medical devices or products, such as diverted drugs, or
g. May be caused by or related to a suspected intentional or unintentional release of chemical or radiological agents.