EMTS Funding statement of work change request

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Use this form to request approval for a change to the statement of work for your EMTS grant funded project. Any substantial change to your project requires approval from the EMTS funding program manager. These changes include: 
  • A functional equipment change – You would like to change the type of equipment that was requested and approved in your statement of work.
  • A request to reallocate items budgeted in one grant line item to another. Example: You have found that your costs for supplies are less than the quoted amount and would like to reallocate those savings to a line item which costs unexpectedly more.
  • A change in specified vendor or manufacturer - Your statement of work specifies a specific vendor or manufacturer and you would like to change to a different one.
  • A decrease in amount the amount awarded - You have experienced savings in your project and will revert over $5000. An increase in awarded amount CANNOT be requested.

Once you submit this form, we will review your request and contact you to let you know if the change in scope is approved, denied or not needed for your request.