EMS provider certification

Peer assistance fee information
All initial and renewal EMS provider certification applications will require a $2.55 EMS provider peer assistance program fee. This fee may be paid online by starting a provider application in your OATH account and following the PayPort link in the instructions. Agencies may pay this fee for their providers. Please review the guidance for combined payments.
Colorado EMS provider certification information
Initial EMS provider certification
If you wish to practice as an EMS provider in Colorado, you must hold a NREMT registration and apply for certification on the Online Application Tracking Hub. Colorado issues a 3-year certificate to first time EMS providers whose applications meet all requirements. You must create an OATH account to start the online application process. 
Application steps
Initial applicants for Colorado EMS provider certification, must first:
  1. Complete a full EMS provider course at the level that you wish to practice at.
  2. Gain a NREMT registration by passing both NREMT exams (written and psychomotor).
  3. Create an OATH account to apply for certification.
  4. Within your OATH account, find the "Application for Initial Certification".
  5. Submit a fingerprint-based criminal history record information search to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for both CBI and FBI.
  6. Wait for the fingerprint sample to be processed.
  7. The department will receive the fingerprinting results from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
    • The results will be added to your submitted OATH application for further processing.
  8. The department will process the application and notify the applicant of any errors or issues.
  9. Once approved, the department will email the applicant with instructions on printing the Colorado EMS provider certificate.
Initial application requirements
Initial and reinstatement applicants for Colorado EMS provider certification must gather the following prior to applying for certification:
  • A fingerprint-based background check to be submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
    • ​Prior criminal history record searches via other organizations are not acceptable. New fingerprints must be collected and submitted to the CBI for the EMS provider certification process.  
  • A valid NREMT registration at the provider level you intend to practice at.
  • An image of your current and valid CPR card.
  • An image of your current and valid ACLS card (EMT-I and Paramedic applicants only.)
  • An image of a lawful presence document such as a driver license or passport.
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Renewal EMS provider certification

Submit an application for EMS provider certification

Emergency medical technicians in Colorado must renew their state certification every three years. EMS providers who are within 6 months of their certificate expiration date are eligible to apply for renewal EMS certification. Colorado accepts a current valid NREMT number as proof of the required continuing education and skills competency. EMS providers who are not registered with the NREMT can renew their certification using the state renewal method. The state renewal method requires EMS providers to:

  • Gain the required amount of continuing education for their practice level.
  • Demonstrate skills competency (your education program will verify).
  • Log on to your OATH account and apply for renewal certification (all renewal applicants have an account).
  • Specify a Colorado recognized EMS education program to verify your CE and skills within your OATH application.

Continuing education may be obtained from various sources, but you must contact and choose one recognized program to verify your CE and perform a skills test. Use the links below to find a Colorado EMS education program authorized by the department to verify CE and skills.

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Certification level upgrade
Certified EMS providers may want to upgrade to a higher level of certification. All certification upgrade applicants must:
  • Complete and pass a course at the higher certification level.
  • Pass the NREMT written and psychomotor exams. 
  • Obtain your new NREMT number at the higher level.
  • Apply for the Colorado certification upgrade in your OATH account using your new NREMT number.
Intermediate-99 in Colorado
Colorado offers EMS certification at the Intermediate-99 level. Since the NREMT no longer recognizes EMT Intermediate-99, they no longer issue NREMT numbers for that level of practice. When applying for Colorado EMS certification, applicants who wish to certify at the Intermediate-99 level must upload documentation from the NREMT into their OATH applicationthat shows they’ve passed both written and psychomotor tests. Those currently certified at the Intermediate-99 level can use the State CE and skills attestation method to renew their certification.
Reinstatement of certification
EMS providers whose certification has lapsed more than 6 months are considered reinstatement applicants. This means they must complete the initial application process and must present a valid NREMT registration at the intended level of practice. 
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