EMS education information

​EMS education programs that provide initial and\or renewal education are recognized by the Department. Initial education programs (education centers) are authorized to teach full EMS courses that end in National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) testing. Both initial and renewal education programs (education groups) are authorized to attest to continuing education (CE) and skills on your application for renewal. If you would like to find a recognized education program, this map shows the programs across the state, and the link below lists them by city.
Certification level upgrade
  • Currently certified EMS providers may want to bridge or transition to a higher level of certification.
    • Colorado-recognized EMS education centers can offer these courses and must meet state and national requirements.
    • Upon completion of the program, if you successfully pass the National Registry examination process you’re eligible to apply for state certification.
    • Upgrade applications can be found in your OATH account, and must include a NREMT registration at the new level that you would like to practice at. 
Intermediate-99 in Colorado
  • Although the NREMT does not recognize EMT I-99, Colorado still offers certification at that level. 
    • ​Initial EMT I-99 applicants will not be issued a number by the NREMT.
    • In Lieu of the NREMT I-99 number, proof of passage of both NREMT psycomotor and cognitive exams will be accepted with your OATH application.
    • Programs that currently teach at the EMT-I level can be found on the above list​​​​
    • Renewal I-99 applicants can use the state CE and skills attestation method of renewal.