Emergency preparedness resources for health facilities

Resources and information to help planning teams develop, implement and maintain emergency operations plans.
Steps for health facility planning teams:
1. Define hazards in community that could affect facility:
  • Building characteristics.
  • Staff.
  • Location.
  • Residents’ capabilities.
  • Transportation.
  • Other parameters unique to facility.
2. Modify, change or create emergency operations plan that works for facility and employees.
3. Determine steps staff members will take for each disaster scenario, drawing on these resources:
  • Information/resources.
  • Tool kit for emergency planning.
  • Emergency operations plans.
  • Standard operating procedures.
  • Get a list of county emergency managers and sheriffs.
  • Emergency preparedness resources for nursing homes.
Specific to health professionals
List of basic tool kit documents 
Tool kit, rating residents' evacuation capabilities, instructions and requirements for rating residents
Tool kit, individual worksheets
List of documents and forms 
Planning documents, facility responsibilities 
Tool kit documents, additional resources 
Tool kit documents, 96-hour resource kit
List of tool kit documents
DISCLAIMER: Sample emergency operations plans, examples, forms and templates including, but not limited to, the Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding provided herein, while authoritative, are intended for informational and guidance purposes only. We assume no responsibility for facility use of such plans, examples and templates. The facility assumes all risk of such use. Facilities are advised to consult with their legal and insurance advisers concerning legal and liability issues associated with the adoption and implementation of an emergency operations plan.