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PHED Ex 2017: Colorado Full Scale Exercise 

Player Briefing 

This ten minute briefing provides critical information for exercise play and is for all people participating in this exercise. ALL PLAYERS please to listen to this briefing.

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PHED Ex Exercise Documents

Click here to access exercise documents for PHED Ex, including Exercise Evaluation Guides, Exercise Plan, and Public Information Documents. 

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Each playing agency/jurisdiction’s evaluator information is included on the PHED Ex Evaluator List.

PHED Ex 2017 - Objectives

Based on the feedback from the Concepts and Objectives Meeting held on April 28, 2016, the FSE Planning Team established the exercise objectives that will be used statewide. They are based on results from the 2015-2016 Functional Exercise Series and on Federal requirements. The exercise objectives and associated capabilities are as follows:

Capability: Information Sharing

Objective: Demonstrate the ability to effectively collect, synthesize, and share information with local and state partners throughout the duration of the incident.

Capability: Emergency Operations Coordination

Objective: Demonstrate the ability to activate an operations center, develop a coordinated response strategy, and manage and sustain response to a public health incident.

Capability: Medical Countermeasures Dispensing/Medical Material Management  and Distribution

Objective: Demonstrate the ability to support and participate in Colorado’s medical supply chain procedures.

While these objectives will be used by all participating agencies, the Planning Team will create discipline specific tasks within each of these objectives to more accurately represent and measure how each discipline achieves the above state objectives.

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