ELP Silver Partner - Three Barrel Brewing Co

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Three Barrel Brewing Co.
Del Norte, CO

Three Barrel Brewing is located in Del Norte, Colorado. Its facility contains a 15-barrel brew house and restaurant.
Environmental Practices in Place 
Three Barrel Brewing tracks its energy usage. Three Barrel Brewing uses two, Energy-Star rated inline tankless hot water heaters for greater efficiency. The heaters are rated at 199 KBtu/hr each. Energy reduction efforts in place at Three Barrel Brewing include: 
  • Energy audit performed by Xcel Energy.
  • Installed high-efficiency tankless water heaters.
  • Walk-in cooler serviced and has vinyl strip curtains.
  • Walk-in cooler evaporator fan hooked up to facility chiller.
  • Chiller located inside the facility to recapture heat for space heating.
  • T-8 fluorescent bulbs and sky lights in brewhouse.
  • LED lighting throughout front of the house.
  • Heat exchanger for heat recovery from brew kettle.
  • Energy efficient wall furnaces and wood-fired pizza oven provide radiant heat to front of the house.
Three Barrel Brewing does not use a traditional process boiler. With their use of a on-demand hot water heater they do not have significant NOx emissions . Three Barrel Brewing will has the following estimated annual air emissions. 
  • Carbon Dioxide: 1.59 tons.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds: 5.4 lbs.
  • Use of locally-sourced malts and foods reduces greenhouse gas emissions during transport.
Three Barrel Brewing uses around 15,000 gallons of water per month and has a water use ratio of around 3.87:1. Water conservation efforts include: 
  • Automated clean-in-place (CIP).
  • Use inline hot water, don't use a hot liquor tank.
  • Use "grant" vessel for greater efficiency.
  • Reuse water used to chill wort for brewing or cleaning.
  • Aerators on faucets through facility.
Three Barrel Brewing recycles several recyclable wastes through various local options. Waste reduction efforts in place at Three Barrel Brewing include: 
  • Spent grains are sent to local farmers as animal feed.
  • Cardboard and glass are recycled through local vendors or repurposed or reused through local residents.
  • Outdoor furniture made from repurposed ski equipment.