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St. Anthony Medical Campus
Member since 2017

St. Anthony Medical Campus is located on a 75 acre site in Lakewood, Colorado adjacent to a light rail station. The campus includes a 696,453 square foot Acute Care Level 1 Trauma Center and Orthopedic Specialty Hospital, two Medical Office Buildings (MOBs), a 5-story parking garage and extensive surface parking. The Orthopedic specialty portion of the hospital opened in 2010 and the general hospital opened in 2011. The hospital and its associated parking areas share common utility services that are separate from the utility services for the MOBs and their associated parking areas. The MOBs are owned and operated by a 3rd party and are not considered a part of this property. The main hospital has 12 operating rooms (ORs), including general ORs, trauma ORs, neuro-biplane ORs, and hybrid ORs. There are also 4 cardiac catheterization ORs and 1 neuro catheterization OR in the main hospital and 8 orthopedic ORs in the Orthopedic specialty hospital. The hospital’s census has been at or near full capacity for several years.
The St. Anthony Medical Campus has made a commitment to energy efficiency that began during the conceptual planning phase in 2005 and continues today. In late 2012, the hospital assembled an energy optimization team comprised of St. Anthony’s facility operators and managers and individuals from the design, commissioning, controls and construction firms who built the hospital to continue to meet energy efficiency goals. This team has managed to maintain a high Energy Star score even as the hospital has built out 3 additional operating rooms, 1 biplane cath lab, added big screen monitors to every nurse station, converted shelled/storage space into 29 additional patient rooms, increased the surgery schedule and added 400 computers in support of a new electronic charting system.
Sustainability activities implemented at St. Anthony
  • 594,940 pounds of waste recycled in FY 2017; a diversion rate of 24%
  • 1,833,139 kWh electricity saved in 2016
  • 6,934 DekaTherms (MMBTU) gas saved in 2016
  • Energy Star Certified 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Lakewood Sustainability Award 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Practice Greenhealth Partner Award  2015
  • ELP Bronze Achiever, 2015
  • Making Medicine Mercury Free 2014