ELP Silver Partner - Gleam Car Wash

Gleam Car Wash w/ Denver Water vehicle Gleam Car Wash outside tunnel

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Gleam Car Wash
Gleam Car Wash is a flex service car wash located in northwest Denver.  Gleam is a socially-conscious business that strives to reduce its environmental impact by reclaiming water from its tunnel and implementing energy generating and saving measures. Gleam has created 45 jobs, and hires individuals with cognitive impairments and refugees.
Energy Efficiency:
1. Solar: 41 kW
The south-facing gleam tunnel was designed to optimize solar efficiency.  
Impact: we hope solar offsets up to 10% of Gleam’s “electric” footprint.
2. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
Every major motor (32) at Gleam has a VFD.  
Impact: VFDs can decrease energy usage up to 20%.
3. LED lighting: 100%
100% of Gleam’s lights are LED.
4. No Hot Water
Unlike some car washes Gleam does not use hot water in its tunnel.  Gleam cleans cars by bathing cars in water, using high-pressure water and soap.
Water Efficiency
Gleam is a mini-water treatment plant and Denver Water’s Car Wash of Choice 
Gleam uses less than 15 gallons of potable (drinkable) water per car.  This means you use 85 percent less potable water when you wash your car at Gleam than when you wash your car at home or at a spray wash.
How: the water in the tunnel drains under the wash and is filtered using four 1500 gallon tanks and other water treatment measures.  By the time we reuse the water, particles are no larger than five microns.