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Declaration Brewing Company, Inc.

Declaration Brewing Company is an innovative and environmentally conscious brewery dedicated to producing extremely high quality malt beverages. Established in early 2015, Declaration has always been focused on making as little of an impact on the environment.
During our remodeling of a private car museum to make our brewery and taproom, we reused as much of the previously existing material as possible. We repurposed most of a wooden mezzanine to build handrails for our viewing platform in the brew house, as well as into the face of the bar and walls of the taproom. We replaced the existing lighting with LED fixtures and a small amount of CFL lighting at a 75% reduction of electrical consumption while increasing light output by four times the previous amount.
All of our appliances are high efficiency, including an air compressor that has a mechanical turn-down to reduce energy consumption by up to 75% depending on demand, in-line water heaters that achieve up to 94% heating efficiency compared to boiler technology at 30% and process heat recovery through smart placement of heat exchangers. These are a few of the projects that helped to ensure that Declaration was on the right path to operating efficiently from the onset.
Since opening our doors on February 14 th , 2015, we have sought ways to improve our environmental awareness and lessen our impact by instituting a full environmental awareness program. This consists of implementing and improving policies such as our recycle and compost program to help divert a large amount of waste (over 15,000 pounds recycled and 158,000 pounds composted) from landfills; over 90% of our waste was diverted in 2017.
Declaration also promotes community outreach including helping organizations raise money and awareness for their mission’s related to sustainability, such as redistributing the vast amounts of food that will be wasted from sources such as grocery stores and event centers to feed hungry people in the Denver area. Our staff is dedicated to living in a socially responsible manner, always conscious of their actions and impacts towards the environment, as exemplified by our Employee Charge to the Environment, a pledge that our staff abides by.
We at Declaration truly live to help make our world a better place through our environmental efforts and our extremely refreshing beer.