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Capco, LLC
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Founded in 1958, Capco is an innovative, vertically integrated, industry-leading designer-developer-manufacturer of highly-engineered mechanical and energetic devices.
Our company serves as a prime contractor for key procurement offices from each of the U.S. Department of Defense's service branches, as well as serving a broader commercial customer base of OEMs and suppliers in a variety of industries. We are continuing to expand to other industries that require extreme reliability at every phase of the design and manufacturing process.
Capco operates from a 100,000+ sq. ft. facility on over 13 acres with an experienced and dedicated workforce of over 300 employees, including an in-house engineering team of degreed engineers, physicists, and chemists. Value added manufacturing-from design and engineering through vertically integrated production -result in high quality products that deliver reliability and value for our customers.

Creative engineering solutions and research and development keep Capco on the leading edge of current and future fielded products.
Capco's Environmental Excellence Mission Statement:
Capco's environmental policies and practices will ensure all governmental, legal, and contractual requirements and obligations are met while continuously improving upon a healthy working environment for our employees, reducing our global environmental impact, and aiding Capco's business performance.
Capco's manufacturing facilities are surrounded by the Colorado National Monument, Colorado River, scenic mesas, cliffs, and canyons of the Colorado Plateau. Our employees enjoy life amidst a wide variety of recreational opportunities, and our surrounding environment is a continuous reminder of the importance of minimizing our environmental impact. Capco's Environmental Excellence Committee serves to protect our local community, and planet Earth.