ELP Silver Partner - BAND-IT-IDEX

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BAND-IT is acknowledged as the world's leader in quality engineered band clamping and fastening solutions. BAND-IT, a unit of IDEX Corporation since 1989, has a global network of sales and manufacturing  facilities serving users worldwide.
BAND-IT is committed to the Environmental Management System and preserving the environment. This is reflected in the companies environmental policy which not only identifies the objectives of the organization but it is the vehicle by which stakeholders, employees and other interested parties, can see the ideals and commitment of the top management and, if necessary challenge BAND-IT to live by.
Recycling and energy savings plays a big role in BAND-IT's commitment for a more sustainable business and in 2017 the company has recycled over 56 tons of paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, cardboard and 225 tons of metal. BAND-IT in partnership with Xcel Energy has committed to upgrading many systems to be able to save an  estimated 536,000 kWh, 8,168 therms per year.