ELP Gold Leader - The Wren at Vail

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The Wren at Vail by East West Destination Hospitality
Member since 2016
The Wren at Vail is a property that is managed by East West Hospitality (EWH).  East West Hospitality is an association, rental and property management company that has been in business since 1987.  The Wren at Vail is located in beautiful Vail, Colorado and consists of 42 Timeshare Units and 19 Privately Owned Units, and 5 Commercial Units.  
  • In 2017, we reduced water consumption by 295,000 gallons, a savings of over 14%.
  • 54% Recycling Diversion Rate.
  • Reduced vehicle fuel consumption by 10%.
  • Reduced office paper consumption by 23%.
  • Offer Guests/Owners/Employees a complimentary Vegetable and Herb Garden for use during the Summer and Fall Months.  
  • Provides all Guests/Owners with complimentary reusable shopping bags and a complimentary shuttle to and from the grocery stores.